Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Christmas Party with the Firemen

So last Friday my friend had a small Christmas party get-together at her house in Trophy Club. It was really cute and festive. Her mom made us all kinds of appetizers and cider and we mostly hung out the whole night by the fire. Then we decorated some Christmas cookes- girlie stuff like that. Then it was time for the gift swap game where you can pick a gift from the pile or steal one that someone has already chosen. Well, in the middle of the game the fire alarm starts to go off. My friend's mom said that it was all ok though; We didn't smell smoke or see flames, and, call us risky, but it was REALLY cold outside and we really wanted to stay in the house. So we continue on with the gift swap, and suddenly we hear her mom say, "something isn't right!" We look in the kitchen/den area where the fireplace is, and it is FULL of smoke! So we frantically gather our things and collect all of her pets (she has like three cats and two dogs) and we rush outside. Her mom calls the fire department and my friends and I go sit in the suburban with all of the cats to keep warm. Sitting in the car we suddenly hear all of the sirens and then we see police cars, police trucks, and finally a fire truck pull in front of the house. We hang out for a good 30 minutes and finally can go back into the house which has been completely fanned out with these massive fans. So the night turned out to be much more interesting than expected, and to keep the memory I now have a picture of me and my friends in front of a fire truck with a fireman. What a night it turned out to be.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This Crazy Weather

Can everyone believe this crazy weather?! I went to my 10:00 class this morning and it started to lightly sleet on me on my walk there. I sat through my 10:00 and did homework until my 12:00 like I always do(my 10 ends at 11:15 and my next class is in the same building). I get to my 12:00 and my professor tells me that classes for the rest of the day have been canceled. Wow, apparantly the sleet picked up while I was in class. So I head to my dorm from Bass. WOW, it was FREEZING. After walking back to my dorm from Bass, and thinking that my ears and legs were going to fall off, I decided to make it an in door day. So I hung out with my roomates and then later we looked out the window to see the streets completely white!! We even ordered dinner in becasuse there was no way we were going out on the streets. (Especially after my suite mate did a 180 on the highway today coming back to campus) So we ordered Perotti's Pizza which was really good. I don't think I had ever had it before. Their bread sticks are really good, and massive. I would definitely recommend them, but for a group of people, not just one person. Yep... so that was my snow day...crazy, random, and cold.

RUF Christmas Party

Last night I went to the RUF Christmas party. It was really fun and helped to get me more in the Christmas spirit. I love Christmas, but it has been hard to focus on the season with all of the papers to write, tests to take, and exams that I have to start studying for. I just have not had time to go Christmas shopping or do "Christmasy" type things. But last night I got to just hang out with friends, eat Christmas cookies, do a gift swap, and take fun pictures. It really got me into the Christmas mood more. And now it is snowing/sleeting and freezing outside! It really feels like Christmas now!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Things I Love

I have been meaning to make one of those posts that lists random things about myself but have not had a good time to sit down and do it. Well I have time now so here it is...THINGS I LOVE:
  1. God
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. church
  5. TCU
  6. laughing
  7. ice skating
  8. running
  9. arts/crafts
  10. Memphis
  11. Indianapolis
  12. New York City
  13. Dallas/Fort Worth
  14. McKinney(I went home with my friend who lives there over Halloween)
  15. dancing
  16. Holidays!
  17. decorating for holidays
  18. baking for special occasions
  19. sitting by the fire when it is cold and drinking hot chocolate while reading/watching a movie
  20. Italian food
  21. bread
  22. Basking Robbins icecream cakes
  23. TCBY
  24. achieving set goals
  25. roller coasters
  26. all accessories
  27. reading
  28. writing
  29. getting dressed up
  30. the mountains
  31. fall
  32. spring
  33. traveling
  34. the lake
  35. singing
  36. basketball games- the Memphis Grizzlies
  37. football games
  38. snow and water skiing
  39. dogs
  40. sometimes cats
  41. being goofy with my friends
  42. great moments that take you buy surprise
  43. quotes ( I have a ton of them)
  44. making sporatic trips to Target
  45. The books: The Alchemist
  46. Angels and Demons
  47. The DaVinci Code
  48. Tale of Two Cities
  49. meeting new people
  50. getting mail!

A Good Movie

So I finally went to see Walk the Line on Saturday night. I have been saying that I wanted to see it before it ever came out, becasue part of it takes place in Memphis. They were filming in Memphis this summer, and one of my friends was actually an extra in it. Reese Witherspoon was staying in a really pretty house on Galaway Golf course. (I am not one of those people that would stalk a celebrity, but since Galaway is so close to my house, my friend and I did drive by once to see if she was home. We think that she was too, becasue there was a car parked outside of the house with a really big/bouncer-type man just sitting in the drivers seat.) Anyway, although the movie was slightly depressing, I thought it was still great; It was put together well, it ended really well, and all of the actors and actresses did a great job . It also made me want to download Johnny Cash songs. Anyone who is looking for a movie to see, I would reccomend Walk the Line.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So in three hours I will be headed home for Thanksgiving!! I can not wait...I am already packed and ready to go. I just have to load my car and I am off. Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays; It is right up there with Christmas. I am anxoiusly awaiting spending time with my friends from high school and all of my family who I have not seen since the first week of August. So at about 12 o'clock I will begin my eight hour car trip home. Yes, thats a pretty long car ride, but I have already told all of my friends to expect calls from me while I am making my trip.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

getting ready in the dark

So this morning I had to wake up earlier than usual so that I could do a quick review for my statistics test before my 8:00 class. I don't really remember my alarm going off, but I know that it did becasue I opened my eyes and it was five minutes after the time I had set it for. Apparantly it did go off and I had hit snooze. So anyway, I fall out of bed and try to get myself together as quietly and as quickly as I can so as not to wake up my sleeping roomate. I didn't want to turn any major lights on because of my roommate, so I got ready for class as best I could using my desk lamp. Wow, now thats some good lighting. So I quickly got ready and left to go study a little. So you know when you get ready for your 8:00 in a hurry but tell yourself, "It doesn't really matter if I don't match becasue it's early and everyone is too tired to notice." Then you finish your day at like 11:00 when there is a vast greater number of people around, and you realize that you have not looked at yourself since whatever time this morning by the light from your desk lamp. Yep, that is me this morning and will be me at 11:00 am. Yay for early morning classes.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


So does everyone know what their major is or what they want to do with their life? I feel like alot of people I talk to can easily answer this question, or just do not think that this is a really big decision that needs to be made right now. Well, I think it is a really big decision! I mean, isn't it going to shape our life after college? My problem is that I like to do a lot of different things so I am torn between two totally different directions. I have been involved in sports my whole entire life, so the human body and how it works really interests me. I like studying the muscles and bones and systems and how they work together to make a person function. I am also really into nutrition, and the ideas that go along with that. This interest probably comes from the five summers I spent in Indianapolis training at the Indianapolis Figure skating rink. This included many weeks of intense on ice practice, power classes, off-ice conditioning, weights classes, ballet, and jazz classes. I love to be busy and active. At the same time I like helping and advising other people, so I think that nutrition is a great job. But then there is the other side to me that is creative and loves to be creative, decorate, plan, and organize. I would love to live in a big city for a while, work for a magazine, a big time designer, and then be an independent designer, and then have my own stores. This thought motivates me and makes me excited to learn and study. The problem with this direction, is that it is extremely risky. But I guess everything is a little risky when you start out, isn't it? So this post does not really have any direction, it is just here for me to express my thoughts. I have been reading The Purpose Driven Life , and it has kind of helped me to look at myself more closely and assess my thoughts and goals. If anywone else is having trouble deciding what path they should take, I would recommend reading this book. It raises good questions, gets you to really look at yourself, and it has helped me to make some decisions about my life.

What to do with my life


So who else is excited for Halloween!! I know that I am. Granted, I do not think that Halloween is quite as fun as it used to be, to me it represents the begining of the best season there is. Once Halloween starts, I think things get exciting. You walk in a store and there are Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations, and Halloween candy. Everything is just so festive!!! Everyone is planning what they want to dress up as, and you drive along and see hundreds of pumpkins for sale on the side or the road in a parking lot. I guess I like Halloween so much becasue I love holidays and traditions. When I was in the fourth grade I started a tradition with my dad where I would bring one friend and we would go hiking at Shelby Forrest, then cook out right outside of the woods where they had grills and picnic tables, and then we would go buy pumpkins and spend the rest of the afternoon carving them. In the fourth grade I took my best friend, Elise, and then we made it a tradition and went every year. We kept going through high school as well, even when we had somewhat grown apart. It was really fun and kind of kept us in touch. It was something fun we could count on every year. So I guess this is why I like Halloween as much as I do. So now I just have to decide what I want to be. Hmmm....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I am not sure that I have really been surprised with this class becasue I knew nothing at all about blogs before I got here. I did not really have any idea what a blog was, so the whole concept of this blogosphere was new to me. I was interested to discover that there are so many types of blogs- ones for just humor and entertainment, ones to discuss political or news issues, and ones that just give advice or information. One thing that really did surprise me, however, was Dooce. I randomly came across Dooce and did my very first post about it, not knowing what it was or that it was a popular blog. I then found out that it was a top ranked blog and ended up using it as one of my case studies for my paper. In examining the blog for my case study I then found out that the writer is from Memphis Tennessee, which is where I am from and have lived my whole life! She talked about her high school and high school life, and I could relate becasue I have friends that went to the same high school that she graduated from! So I thought that that was really cool, and will probably make me continue to keep up with her blog. In writing my paper I learned to look at the rhetoric of blogs and notice them more closely. My research got me to pay more attention to the details of the blog and will now make me more knowledgeable about the blogs that I read. I also learned about rhetoric in reference to a blog, and it got me to examine myself more closely and discover why I like a certain blog and what attracts me and what pushes me away. I have found that I am attracted to a blog that is humorous and one that I can relate to, such as Waiter Rant and Dooce. I dislike busy, seemingly unstructured blogs like Daily Kos. The value of case study methodology is that it helps to generate a more definite arguement. By asking other people their opinions you can get a wider range of advice and combine all of the opinions to get your answer. I know it helped me to post questions and email commentors of certain blogs becasue I could see if other people liked blogs for the reasons that I thought they did. It helped to back up my conclusion. If I had to start over with this project I would probably write more about people's responses to my questions that I posted and sent out. I got a lot of answers at the last minute and did not have enough time to add them into my paper. I have read them though and they are all interesting and back up my conclusion. I might also add another case study. Maybe another political blog or one similar to Daily Kos. Before I started this project it would have been nice to have known of another blog similar to Daily Kos that I could have researched, or maybe just known about more blogs in general. Blogs are completely knew to me, so I really was not aware of what all was out there. Another question that I would like to explore is, "are blogs going to continue to grow and become more popular? Will they ever be a main source of receiving daily news or information?" I am just curious to see if blog popularity will grow or if it will continue to appeal to about the samenumber of people as at the present. You could work on this question by talking to people who have been blogging for a while, people new to the blogosphere, and also people who have never blogged before or do not even know what a blog is. I think that this could be an interesting study.

Introduction to my Essay

My question asked is “What makes a ‘good’ blog and attracts a large audience?” This question is important because blogging is becoming a bigger deal in today’s society and if a person wants to start his/her own blog, it is important to know what he/she should do to make it a successful one. I did three case studies on the blogs Waiter Rant, Daily, Kos, and Dooce. All of these are high-traffic blogs and yet they are all different types of blogs. So to answer my question I examined the content, style, appearance, and comments received in each of these blogs. I also posted questions on my personal blog and e-mailed some of the people who made comments on the blogs that I looked at. I asked the people what attracts them to certain blogs and personally what is their favorite blog. After looking at all of my research I concluded that the main factor in a “good” blog, the thing that brings all different types of readers to one blog, is that it has a wide range of content, and it is either humorous or passionate about what it talks about.